It has been more than six months since BMW ruined our eyes with the sight of their G80 M3 and M4 twins. BMW has yet to declare the design a badly-timed April fools joke. I am beginning to believe the ghastly grille was intentional.

However, forget the grille for a moment because another aspect of the new M3’s design has recently caused me all sorts of ocular discomfort: the bonnet.

Not content with fitting a couple of XXL beaver tails to the front of the new M3, BMW carved out a cavernous monstrosity down the centre of the bonnet. I’m referring to the valley that starts halfway down the hood and becomes progressively deeper towards the front fascia. It tends to wash out in lighter colours, however, studio lighting helps expose the extent of the damage.

I mean, this thing rivals the Grand Canyon for depth.

What were they thinking?

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