Despite making cars for the best part of a century, Maserati has yet to master the art of designing a luxury interior.

Imagine spending half a million dollars on a supercar only to find yourself in an interior that looks like it was put together during a DIY episode of Better Homes and Gardens. It’s a Stellantis parts-bin special that is anything but special.

The touchscreen, for instance, is identical to the unit found in the Fiat 500. And rather than integrate it nicely into the rest of the dashboard (a la Bentley Continental), Maserati simply stapled it on aimlessly and called it a day. Then there’s the steering wheel, which Maserati nicked from an Alfa Romeo sedan. Oh, and see the exposed screws that are littered around the cabin? They’re from a crusty, old Chrysler*. Probably.

It is a deeply upsetting place to be which is a shame because the rest of the car is rather tasty. Except for the engine note. That’s also shite.

*I may have made that last one up.

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